ICL Amsterdam


At the Fosfaatweg, in the Amsterdam Westpoort area, you will find ICL Amsterdam. At this production site, part of our Phosphate Business Unit, we produce fertilizers based on potassium and phosphate.

The history of the site goes back all the way to 1907, when the ‘Amsterdam Super Phosphate Factory’ was built here. The site had several owners throughout the years, until it became a part of ICL in 1982. The site currently produces around 550.000 tons of high quality fertilizers each year. It also serves as an important terminal for Phosphoric acid, which we use in our production process and sell to several clients in the soda and food industry.


The fertilizers that we produce here are mainly based on phosphate and potassium, and are therefore not flammable or explosive. Nevertheless, safety comes first with everything we do here. And of course, we are compliant with all the necessary environmental and safety regulations. We also have good relationships with several governments, among which the City of Amsterdam and the province of North-Holland. As a result of our regular contacts with these organizations, we are always looking for ways to keep the effects of our activities for the surrounding neighborhoods as low as possible.

Sustainable and circular

This production site in Amsterdam is one of the global leaders in phosphate recycling. In March, 2019, we opened the ICL Phosphate Recycling Unit. This installation, co-funded by the Province of Noord-Holland, allows ICL to use phosphates from alternative sources (mainly sewage sludge ashes and bone meal ashes) for the production of fertilizers on an industrial scale. This circular innovation is yet another example of ICL’s strong commitment to sustainability. By using phosphate from alternative sources, we provide society with an innovative circular solution and also prepare ourselves for a future where phosphate rock will become an increasingly scarce source. This installation will allow ICL in Amsterdam to continue with the production of fertilizers that help feed the world for many years to come in a sustainable way. And this installation is only the start. Our ambition is to further increase the use of phosphate coming from alternative sources in the coming years, with ICL as one of the international frontrunners in phosphate recycling. But we also work together with the regional water supply company Waternet. They collect several residuals from the Amsterdam sewage system, such as struvite, which we are able to use in our production process. All these developments are part of a transition towards a circular economy.

Key facts

Location: ICL Amsterdam
Business unit: ICL Phosphate
Founded in 1907 (part of ICL since 1982)
Employees: 90

Fosfaatweg 48
1013 BM Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 581 5100