ICL Heerlen

Located at the Nijverheidsweg in Heerlen (in the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands), you will find a production site with a fully equipped laboratory, part of our Specialty Fertilizers Business Unit. Here, fertilizers are being processed into advanced products of an exceptional quality, used by customers all over the world.

In this production facility, we enrich fertilizers with special coatings, enabling them to only become active under specific circumstances. A certain temperature or humidity level, for example. As a result, these ‘controlled release fertilizers’ can be applied with high precision and efficiency. The products from Heerlen are mainly being used in the Ornamental Horticulture, Turf & Amenity and Specialty Agriculture sectors. Among our customers are the Wimbledon tennis tournament and Football Club Barcelona, who use our high quality fertilizers for their turf.


At our site in Heerlen, we work with classified substances. This means that safety comes first with everything we do here and that our staff is intensively trained in this area. And of course, we are compliant with the necessary environmental and safety regulations. We also have good relationships with several governments and other nearby companies.


At our production site in Heerlen, we also contribute to a sustainable future. For example, the residual heat from our production process is being captured and re-used as an energy source for our cooling installation. So as a result of the high-tech installation we have built on our site for this purpose, this heat does not reach the atmosphere. And last but not least: almost all residual products from our production process are being shipped back to several other production sites of ICL, where they are used as a source again.

Key facts

Location: ICL Heerlen (Everris International)
Business Unit: ICL Specialty Fertilizers
Site founded in 1975 (part of ICL since 2011)
Employees: 130

Nijverheidsweg 1-5
6422 PD Heerlen
+31 (0)45 560 9100

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