ICL Terneuzen

Located in Terneuzen, in the southwestern province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, you will find our Industrial Products production site with a laboratory.

This production site was built in 1976 and its main activity is the processing of bromine for several industrial applications. The bromine based products from Terneuzen can be found in numerous products, such as flame retardants (in furniture, electronic devices or cars), antiseptics (in cooling water or swimming pools) but even in medicines or sunscreen lotion. An important new application for bromine is energy storage (especially energy from natural resources) in bromine based batteries, a promising new technology.


We are working with chemical substances on this production site. Needless to say, this means that safety comes first at everything we do. And of course, we are compliant with all the necessary environmental and safety regulations.


ICL IP in Terneuzen is actively contributing to a more sustainable conduct of business, contributing to a circular economy. For example, this site is a part of Smart Delta Resources (SDR), a unique co-operation between industrial companies from the region to exchange each other’s residues and to reduce their emissions and use of energy. The production site is also involved in several recycling projects to ensure that waste – even of its customers – can be re-used as a valuable source again. And our bromine based battery technology was rewarded with a nomination for the Dutch Responsible Care Award in 2016. We are proud of all these achievements and will continue with them in the future.

Connected to the region

Our connection with the region can be seen in several sponsoring activities. ICL IP Terneuzen is contributing to several cultural and sporting events in the region of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, such as the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Marathon, the Zeeland Jazz Festival and the Festival of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

Key facts

Business Unit: ICL Industrial Products
Site founded in 1976
Employees: 130

Frankrijkweg 6
4538 BJ Terneuzen
+31 (0)115 689 000

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